Thijs de Mooij
I am a freelance designer who likes to code. I have over 10 years experience designing digital products. Good with design systems and prototyping.
Recent Work
2020-2021 · UX/UI Designer
At Rabobank I've designed many MVP's within the agriculture sector from idea to execution. With the most noticeable being the Graintell app.
This app provides farmers the market data to sell their grain. Helping them to keep track of buyers bids in their region.
Covid Dashboard
2020-2021 · UX/UI Designer
For the Dutch government I've designed an internal Covid dashboard. Giving crisismanagers insights into the status of the virus and the effects on society.
I've been involved from ideation to creation. Gathering feedback and applying continuous improvements.
2015-2017 · UX/UI Designer
NOS is the public dutch news organization. They offer an Android and iOS app that is being used by over 3 million people.
As a designer my job was to enhance the design and usability of the app, for phone, watch and TV.